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JULY 17, 9 PM

Vid Jamnik & Ratko Zjača

Vid Jamnik is a Slovene vibraphonist who was proclaimed a child prodigy at a very young age and whom Boško Petrović named as his successor. The European Jazz Federation recently included him in its selection of the five most talented young European musicians. His playing has won him rave reviews from all sides. Guitarist Ratko Zjača is our most active international jazz musician. He has collaborated with top international musicians and has released three albums in the past year.

JULY 18, 9 PM

Vedran Ružić: Libertin Project

The Libertin Project by the young and talented artist Vedran Ružić is actually, as the author himself says, a jazz play in three acts, performed by four musicians and three contemporary dancers.

Vedran is known on the Croatian scene as a musician and painter, and we believe our audiences will find this unusual project very interesting. The jazz band is composed of excellent musicians Vedran Ružić (bass guitar), Adriano Bernobić (percussion), Hrvoje Galler (keyboards), Jaka Kopač (saxophone), and dancers Marko Kalc, Karolina Suša and Nastasja Štefanić.